Treatment is carried out in a simple 3 phase process; ultrasound, radio frequency and orientation.

Phase 1 Ultrasound 5 – 10 mins
An ultrasonic amplifier delivers a low frequency ultrasound to penetrate the fat cell. This causes the formation of microscopic bubbles within the cell without affecting other organs. The bubbles cause the fat cell wall to collapse and burst, the fatty acids (triglyceride) are then quickly released from the cell.

Phase 2 Radio Frequency 15 – 20 mins
Radio frequency is applied, the thermal effect of radio waves encourages the fatty acids to dissolve into liquid which can be naturally drained away through the lymphatic and urinary system. The fatty acids then enter the blood stream and are processed by the liver. Clients are recommended to drink plenty of water after the treatment to eliminate the fatty acids from the body.

Phase 3 Orientation 20 mins
Electrical impulses and infra red from the pads aid tightening and contouring of the skin, stimulating cellular regeneration, leaving a smoother and firmer body contour.