FLABéLOS LíPO sessions help to eliminate areas of localised fat deposits and are suitable for both males and females. This is your ideal treatment to get back in shape fast and regain body confidence. You will find a measurable result soon after the first session. Each problem area is recommended to have a course of treatment to achieve the best results. Each course normally has 8 to 12 sessions and each session last for approximately 45 minutes, to achieve the desired results.

Effective Results on Any Specific Part of the Body
Ultrasonic Cavitation may be used on various areas of the human body, including the abdomen, bottom of back (love handles), thighs, hips, buttocks, knees and calves and upper arms.

Multiple Benefits with Ultrasonic Treatments

  • 1. Increase self-confidence
  • 2. Motivation to pursue a healthier lifestyle
  • 3. Ability to have wider choice of clothes
  • 4. Improve body proportion